Our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Manual outline the guiding principles we apply to our purchasing activities and our expectations for every company that supplies goods or services to Westport Fuel Systems. This includes but is not limited to:

  • ethical business conduct, such as compliance with antitrust/ competition, anti-corruption/bribery and export controls laws;
  • adherence to law and standard business ethics which prohibit the use of child, underage, slave, or forced labour;
  • conflict minerals reporting;
  • avoidance and reporting of conflicts of interest;
  • protection of intellectual property and confidential information; and
  • compliance with every law such as specific requirements towards the environment and employees.

These requirements form an integral part of our overall contractual relationship with our valued suppliers.

Our corporate governance encompasses our commitment to a culture of integrity, ethical and sustainable business practices. We believe that effective corporate governance is vital to the continued and long-term success of Westport Fuel Systems and contributes to maximized shareholder value over time.


Our Brands

  • AFS
  • BRC Gas Equipment
  • EMER
  • gfi control systems
  • Westport HPDI
  • OMVL
  • Prins
  • Stako
  • TA Gas Technology
  • Valtek
  • Zavoli