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Westport Fuel Systems has long recognized the responsibility we have to our customers, our suppliers, and most of all, the planet we all share. The leadership and employees of our organization have always believed in being a responsible corporate citizen, recognizing that our obligations are more than just a return to our shareholders but to society as a whole. We are socially and ethically minded and take on worthy causes from environmental issues to community concerns.

Anyone with questions or feedback regarding this report can reach us at sustainability@wfsinc.com or online at https://wfsinc.com/sustainability.

What We Stand For


Creating a better world through
innovative energy solutions.


Engineering the most advanced, clean fuel systems and components to deliver compelling economic and environmental benefits.

Our Values

We work every day to live our values of integrity, respect and perseverance to deliver sustainable, alternative clean transportation solutions. We entrust every employee and every member of our global network to build business relationships and make decisions in a way that honours our values.

Integrity: We are transparent, honest and ethical in all interactions. We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.

Respect: Teamwork and partnerships are highly valued with differing views seen as an enabler of better results.

Perseverance: A demonstrated ability to continually push through challenges and succeed.

What We Stand For

Committed to Integrity: Corporate integrity, personal accountability and respect for others are the foundation of our success.

Customer Focus: Partnerships and relationships are the pathway by which we capture business opportunity and realize value. We relentlessly serve our customers.

Delivery Excellence: Our commitment to execution and results fuels our passion to excel and innovate. We focus investment on what we do best and fuel our growth by optimizing efficiencies in our processes, workplace and value chain.

Teamwork and Collaboration: We enable our people through enriched collaboration and partnerships, leveraging our diverse global experience and viewing the Company in its entirety - like our stakeholders do.

Sustainability: We strive to ensure the way we do business has a positive impact on our people, the environment and the communities in which we work and live.

To learn more about us visit https://wfsinc.com/about/vision-mission-and-values

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Message From Our CEO

Westport Fuel Systems has been a global leader in clean transportation technologies for decades. We have been at the front lines of the shift to sustainable mobility. As the global economy restarts post COVID-19, there have been strong signals for a green recovery and associated stimulus spending to build a better, more resilient and low-carbon economy. A green recovery presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform our transportation systems and how we move people and goods. The urgency of global climate change means we must act now and we are ready to do our part.

We are committed to the decarbonization of the transportation sector and the urgent need to deploy scalable, carbon neutral solutions.

We are committed to the decarbonization of the transportation sector and the urgent need to deploy scalable, carbon neutral solutions. The path to sustainable transportation must be led by cost competitive and market-ready technologies as we work towards longer-term targets for net-zero emissions. We need realistic transition road maps based on affordability for all geographic markets. We believe a focus on renewable and decarbonized gases as well as clean and sustainable mobility offers an opportunity to boost the economic recovery, retain and create jobs and achieve our emission reduction goals.

Sustainability is one of our guiding principles. Our sustainability vision is centred on our product portfolio of lower-carbon clean transportation solutions and our ongoing commitment to mitigate the operational footprint of our activities. Our 2019 report provides an opportunity to discuss our activities, our accomplishments and our contributions but also to disclose our challenges and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our continued success depends on our global team, our relationships with stakeholders and our ability to enhance shareholder value. We are focused on driving sustainable growth through a strong commitment to our environmental, social and governance programs and performance. Thank you for your support of Westport Fuel Systems.


David M. Johnson

David M. Johnson, CEO

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Industry News

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