The Westport WP580 Engine Management System ("EMS") is a highly configurable system that has been specifically developed for spark ignited, dedicated natural gas engine applications and can be integrated with a wide range of proprietary Westport fuel system components for flexible vehicle design and production. Its advanced combustion control technology can optimize the engine for class leading fuel economy, torque, and power while meeting existing and future emissions and onboard diagnostic requirements. Westport has also set a new benchmark with the WP580, with industry leading price performance and value, allowing natural gas vehicles to be competitively priced with petroleum-based vehicles.

Key Features

  • Unique engine control strategies: The Westport WP580 EMS is specifically tailored to maximize the performance of the base engine. Key benefits include reduced fuel consumption and emissions, increased vehicle load carrying capabilities with launch torque, and integrated vehicle functionality.
  • Compatible and cost-effective design with natural gas components: With proven OEM track record, these natural gas components such as electronic control units and spark plugs have been fully validated for the application and manufactured to automotive industry quality standards resulting in high levels of reliability and lower cost.
  • Meeting current and future emissions profile: The system is designed to meet Euro VI emission standards.

Advanced Controls (Typical)

  • Electronic throttle control
  • EGR flow control
  • Skip fire for reduced fuel consumption and improved emissions
  • Individual cylinder calibration (fuel and spark)
  • Sophisticated idle speed and accessory load control functions
  • Misfire detection (individual cylinders)
  • Engine component protection
  • Catalyst protection and optional catalyst monitoring
  • Limp home features
  • Road speed limiting
  • Engine speed limiting
  • Knock Detection and Control

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