Commitment to Integrity

We work every day to demonstrate our commitment to the values of integrity, respect, and perseverance. We adhere to complex and ever-changing laws, regulations, and requirements that impact our markets, our product offerings, and our compliance efforts.

Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability and outlines the principles and polices to which all directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, and consultants who act on behalf of Westport Fuel Systems must comply.

We count on every employee and every member of our global network to build business relationships and make business decisions in a way that honours our values and showcases our commitment to integrity.

See how our Code of Conduct brings our values to life.

We will not tolerate any retaliation against any employee who, in good faith, asks questions, makes a report of actions that may be inconsistent with the law, our Code, or our policies, or assists in an investigation of suspected wrongdoing. Reporting in good faith means making a genuine attempt to provide honest, complete and accurate information, even if it later proves to be unsubstantiated or mistaken.

If you see or suspect any violation of the law, our Code, or our policies, contact the Ethics Hotline.

Code of Conduct

Our Brands

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