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Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I)

Workforce gender diversity

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Management gender diversity

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Equality in compensation treatment

The principal rule at Westport is to ensure equitable compensation at the market median level for all positions, throughout different Market Segments/Global Functions, and subject to affordability. We provide competitive levels of compensation that meet or exceed local minimum wage requirements.

To ensure that our remuneration level helps recruit, motivate, and retain our employees, we are currently mapping detailed numerical data to assess and address the issue in an effective manner. Competitive wages and benefit programs may vary according to country or location, but the general principle is a guiding principle.

For remuneration policies for our highest governance body, see page [see page 89 of the full downloadable report] of this report and our 2023 Management Information Circular.


Providing appropriate benefits to employees is needed to align with market practices, promote wellness, and help for retirement planning. This is why we provide a variety of benefits to our employees, which are discretionary and company funded. The scope depends, for example, on location, position, and the tenure of employment. The most common benefits are:


2022 performance

  • Label of Excellence: After institutional visits and evaluations, our Italian facilities have been awarded the Label of Excellence by the Piedmont region for its commitment to promoting and ensuring the gender equality and the well-being of its employees, recognizing it as one of the top companies meeting the relevant requirements. The program is a pilot initiative with a plan to widen it globally across the Westport organization in the following years.
  • The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index: To better understand how we compare to our peers in gender equality, in 2022, we underwent the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) assessment for the second time. Our actions have produced favorable outcomes as reflected in an increased score compared to the previous year.

2023 priorities and performance

  • Create DE&I awareness in the organization: To enhance our commitment to DE&I principles, in 2023, one of our primary objectives is to conduct awareness trainings throughout the entire organization. The program is currently being designed, and surveys will be conducted to determine the starting point and plan the necessary steps. Our ultimate goal is to develop a global project based on best practices from Europe and extend them throughout the Westport organization, with certifications where feasible. The goal is to train 100% of our workforce in 2023.
  • Drive gender equality in compensation treatment: We focus on equality in all positions and strive to provide fair and equitable treatment in compensation for comparable roles across our organization. We are currently in the process of mapping our pay data to ensure that we have the necessary information to address any existing or potential inequities in the future. Furthermore, our efforts will prioritize providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their education level, age, gender, or disabilities. Our goal is to develop a set of guidelines for fair and equitable compensation treatment.
  • Push for equitable employment and advancement opportunities for all: Based on Education, Generation, Gender and Differently Abled.
  • Support effective flexible work arrangements: As practically possible, our goal is to promote and support an engaged, motivated, and productive workforce, through appropriate work arrangements, including hybrid work models, based on the nature and demands of various roles in the Westport organization.