High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI™)

Flexible solutions for CO2 reduction

Volvo Group and Westport

Accelerating Decarbonization

The joint venture between Westport and Volvo Group aims to accelerate decarbonization for our global customers, enabling various industries - including long-haul and off-road applications - to continue using the internal combustion engine without compromising torque, power, or efficiency, while achieving near-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about the joint venture between Volvo Group and Westport.

What is HPDI?

High Pressure Direct Injection is a fuel system used to reduce CO2 in long-haul trucking and other high-load and off-road applications. HPDI technology replaces greenhouse gas-emitting fuels, like diesel, with carbon-neutral or zero-carbon fuels like biogas or hydrogen. HPDI is affordable, durable, efficient, and maintains (or even improves) the performance characteristics that have come to be associated with diesel.


  • 20% more power, 15% more torque
  • Near Zero CO2 emissions
  • Lowest cost to CO2 compliance
  • Preserve existing engine manufacturing


  • Same torque, efficiency, and reliability as diesel engines
  • 20% CO2 reduction tailpipe
  • 100% CO2 reduction with Bio-LNG
  • No change to vehicle or engine architecture

What applications use HPDI?

HPDI technology is highly versatile and can be used with several alternative fuel sources and in several transportation applications.

Westport Fuel Systems is the proud inventor of HPDI.

Our invention is one of many that works to supply the world with clean, affordable fuel systems and components for the multi-faceted transportation industry. Westport is working hard to change how the world moves by providing new, sustainable, and efficient transportation solutions to customers in more than 70 countries. And we’re just getting started…

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