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Westport™ HPDI technology delivers CO2 reductions for long haul transportation

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Westport HPDI Solutions

Westport HPDI Technology

LNG Westport HPDI 2.0

Westport HPDI 2.0 consists of a fully integrated “tank to tip” solution, with a cryogenic tank and an integrated high pressure liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) pump installed in the LNG tank mounted on the truck.

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Westport HPDI Technology

H2 Westport HPDI

Hydrogen Westport HPDI (“H2 Westport HPDI“) technology is a cost effective, high performance solution to support the transition to climate neutrality in the heavy-duty mobility sector.

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CO2 Emissions

TTW - Tank To Wheel  
WTW - Well To Wheel, including fuel source and manufacturing emissions

Liquid Biomethane ("LBM") Westport HPDI

Westport HPDI – 40% LBM

Westport HPDI – 100% LBM

Hydrogen ("H2") Westport HPDI

H2 Westport HPDI – Blue H2

H2 Westport HPDI – 80% Blue / 20% Green

H2 Westport HPDI – Green H2

Market Readiness

Westport HPDI is a solution for fleets wanting to reduce their fuel costs and offer decarbonized regional and long distance road transport solutions to their customers with no compromise on vehicle performance.

H2 Westport HPDI can utilise existing manufacturing infrastructure.

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