Supply Chain Responsibility

We endeavour to supply our customers with leading edge technology, while maintaining the highest quality and the most cost-competitive products available in the industry. To support this objective, our organizational philosophy is to develop relationships with suppliers who best demonstrate their commitment to these goals through on time delivery, consistently meeting quality requirements and competitive pricing.

Supplier Manual and Code of Conduct Expectations

The Code of Conduct and our Supplier Manual outline the guiding principles we apply to our purchasing activities and our expectations for every company that supplies goods or services to a Westport Fuel Systems business. This includes but is not limited to:

ethical business conduct, such as compliance with antitrust/competition, anti-corruption/bribery and export controls laws,

adherence to law and standard business ethics which prohibit the use of child, underage, slave, or forced labour,

conflict minerals reporting,

avoidance and reporting of conflicts of interest,

protection of intellectual property and confidential information, and

compliance with every law such as specific requirements towards the environment and employees.

These requirements form an integral part of our overall contractual relationship with our suppliers. We expect these standards to be met by our suppliers, even in jurisdictions where meeting such standards may not be considered part of the usual business culture. A failure to do so can result in a severe impact on our business and the supply relationship. Additional information can be found in our Supplier Portal on our corporate website at

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Purchasing Process

All sourcing activities are conducted through or with oversight by our business unit leaders and is supported by the process of supplier evaluation and qualification. Ongoing support is provided to develop products through their life cycle with focus on continual improvements resulting in improved reliability and manufacturability along with reduced product cost.

While aiming to build a strong and resilient supplier base, we have taken the steps to involve the supplier in the early stages of product/part development. This early involvement will ensure that there is a solid communication link that allows both groups to review and consider Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (“DFMA”), while looking at cost drivers and quality concerns. We believe that this open relationship will result in a robust and reliable design resulting in products that meet or exceed our expectations.

Westport Fuel Systems evaluates and selects suppliers for three different capabilities: prototype suppliers, production suppliers and non-production suppliers. Suppliers will be monitored and evaluated on their technical, commercial and quality capabilities through an established process for supplier performance monitoring. We communicate findings to the supplier, and as we are always seeking opportunities for improvements, we discuss with suppliers any development and implementation plans, to meet performance requirements.

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Product Quality Responsibility

We continuously strive to deliver high value, leading environmental technology products and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations, including those related to safety, performance, and on-time-delivery.

Quality and safety are imperatives across the product life cycle. We continuously strive to deliver high value, leading environmental technology products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Five of our primary production plants and technology centers have be formally certified as compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 standards for the design, assembly and commercialization of the products produced at each specific facility. Copies of the certifications can be found at

We are committed to continuously improving our products and processes through adherence to, and ongoing improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

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Conflict Minerals Reporting

Consistent with the leadership approach taken by our customers, suppliers, and other fellow members of the Automotive Industry Action Group with respect to “conflict minerals”, we are engaged in an annual process of determining whether any products which we make or buy contain such “conflict minerals”. Our latest conflict minerals report is available on our website and on the SEC’s EDGAR website ( We continue to work with our suppliers to increase awareness, and accuracy, of “conflict minerals” reporting requirements and, through our membership in the Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”) (formerly the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative), support continuing cross-industry efforts to identify and validate conflict-free smelters and refiners.

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News Releases

September 23

Westport Fuel Systems Clarifies Statements Regarding the Chinese Certification of Weichai Westport’s WP12HPDI Natural Gas Engine

to clarify market news regarding its Weichai Westport Inc. joint venture and WWI's 12-liter engine equipped with the HPDI 2.0™ fuel system

September 18

Weichai Westport Secures Chinese Certification for WP12 Natural Gas Engine Powered by HPDI 2.0

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. today announced that its Weichai Westport Inc. joint venture has received certification from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China for its 12-liter engine equipped with the HPDI 2.0 fuel system

September 15

Westport Fuel Systems Combines Businesses to Better Serve Growing Indian Market

Transaction Provides Cost Efficiencies and Greater Product Choice for Customers

August 31

Westport Fuel Systems Awarded Key Electronics Supply Contract

Estimated revenue of US$58 million over seven-year period

August 11

Westport Fuel Systems Secures €7 Million Loan from Deutsche Bank

Further strengthens liquidity of Emer S.p.A in Brescia, Italy

Industry News

Published: July 17

Egypt launches ambitious strategy to shift from gasoline to natural-gas powered cars

Egypt has launched an ambitious plan to shift the primary fuel for vehicles in its jurisdiction from petrol and diesel to compressed natural gas.

Published: March 26

Coronavirus Economic Fallout May Boost NGVs as Alternative Transportation

Natural gas vehicles (NGV) may get a boost as power markets and renewable equipment production are seen as potential casualties.

Published: March 16

Europe Increasingly Turns to CNG, LNG

The statistics not only show continuously growing sales of CNG and especially liquefied natural gas fueled vehicles, but also the growth of corresponding fueling infrastructure.

Published: March 12

Finnish heavy-duty transport expert Simeon: ”Gas is energy of the future”

Simeon’s gas-powered Volvo is used to transport gas for partners. Stenberg is pleased with the new tractor unit.

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